What does this mean?

There are lots of times you might want to give someone a gift of a membership subscription to the Guadalajara Reporter. Your children or parents might want to know what’s going on in your community. Or, someone else in your commmunity has a birthday or anniversary, and they would love the opportunity to access news and community information that’s updated continually online. Now, instead of buying a physical gift certificate for them, you can send them a gift subscription right online.

How does it work?

First, you have to already have a subscription for yourself, and be logged in. Then, click Subscribe on the main menu. Choose either a Monthly, 3-Month, or Annual subscription. On the checkout page, just check the box that asks if this is a gift. Like this:

When you click on the Subscribe Now button, your payment will go through, and you’ll see a pop-up window that asks for information about the person you want to send this subscription to. You have to know their name and email address. You can even add a note to tell them about their gift. When you click Send, the recipient will get an email telling them how to redeem their gift. It’s easy. They just have to click a link.

How will I know whether the email to the recipient has been sent?

You will notice that on your My Account link (that’s on your main menu), there’s a tab that says Gifts. That shows you when you purchased a gift, and whether it’s been redeemed yet. You have an option there of resending the email, or just copying the link.

Can I use a coupon code in conjunction with the gift?

No. Gifts are only priced at the regular price of the subscription. That also means that any introductory price for that subscription is not used, either.

Is the gift subscription recurring?

No. There will only be one iteration of the time period. For instance, if you gift someone a monthly subscription, it will expire after one month. The day after it expires, the recipient will get an email saying that their subscription has expired, and asking them if they want to resubscribe.

That’s pretty much it!

Please contact me if you have any questions, at info@GuadalajaraReporter.mx.

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