Terms of Service and Use

Last Updated July 21, 2023


  1. The LakeChapalaReporter.com website, henceforth known as “the website,” is a subscriber-based Internet publication.
  2. In order to read the articles on the website, users must have a paid membership subscription. This is accomplished by clicking on the Subscribe link on the website’s main menu.
  3. When a subscription has been purchased, a Username and Password are established and provided to the user via email.
  4. Each time the website is accessed, the user must click on the Login link on the website’s main menu. The assigned Username and Password must then be entered correctly on the Login form, which is case-sensitive. When logged in correctly, the user has full access to all the content on the website.
  5. The user, when logged in, may click on the My Account link on website’s main menu to see the status of their subscription, and when it expires.
  6. Having full access to all the content of the website constitutes the full value of the subscription. In other words, to use the service, the user must log in to the website. There is no paper-based publication sent to the user’s residence, for instance. It is by the action of the user that the value of the website is gained. If the user does not take that action, there is no liability to the website’s owner(s). Failure of the user to access the website and/or to log in does not constitute grounds for a subscription refund.
  7. The user may contact customer support at info@LakeChapalaReporter.com to receive assistance with logging in, or with any other service matters.
  8. The user may be denied customer support if they are deemed uncooperative in helping to problem-solve their issues, if they are deemed rude or disrespectful, or not acting in good faith. No refund for lack of customer support will be issued in these instances.
  9. The owner(s) of the website may from time to time send newsletters via email to users, informing them of new content, etc. Users may sign up (on the website’s front page) to be placed on the list to receive these newsletters. Each newsletter has an Unsubscribe link at the bottom of it for the user to discontinue receiving the newsletters.
  10. Important: The newsletter is not part of the value of the subscription. It is a courtesy only, and not mandatory.
  11. The owner(s) of the website cannot guarantee that the newsletters will be received by the user. For instance, a user may fail to check whether newsletters (or other emails from the website) have landed in their Spam folder. Also, some email service providers (AOL, Earthlink, iCloud, and many others) use servers that decide which incoming emails could be Spam, and fail to allow them to go through to the user. These cases cannot be deemed the fault of the website or its owner(s).
  12. Because of #10 and #11, failure to receive newsletters is not grounds for a refund.
  13. Under no circumstances will a refund of more than 50% of the most recent subscription payment be issued.
  14. The user may contact LakeChapalaReporter.com to cancel a subscription at any time by emailing info@LakeChapalaReporter.com.
    1. If the most recent subscription payment was made within 7 days, the user will receive a 50% refund with an immediate expiration of the subscription, or
    2. the subscription will expire at the end of the current subscription period, in which case no rebate or refund will be issued.
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